1. Salon Facial Machines 


Salon Facial machines are important for a skilled treatment of the esthetics. Without a simple steamer or mag lamp, esthetic rooms wouldn’t be full but can be improved with single or multifunction systems. Below are five basic resources that every aesthetician requires on his face computer. 

Facial Steamer 


A facial steamer is considered one of the most valuable devices for every salon as it performs several critical tasks on clients and patients. Used mainly to help moisturize and cleanse the skin, it may also use steam to widen the pores of the skin, allowing increased blood circulation across the face and other body parts.

Facial Vaporizer


A facial vaporizer, similar to a facial steamer, also combines steam and ozone to revitalize a person’s face and other areas of the body. But along with this, the aromatherapy therapies also use a facial vaporizer. A vaporizer is particularly popular in day spas and can use aromatherapy to help a person not only get revitalized skin but also relax and get rid of the stresses they have experienced in their lives. 

Ice Roller


While many patients and clients use facial vaporizers and steamers well, many others often turn to ice rollers to help them achieve their desired results. An ice roller is mainly used to treat acne, reduce redness of the skin, to reduce lines and wrinkles, to relax the skin, and to relieve muscle pain. 

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

An ultrasonic skin scrubber is an essential tool for any aesthetician’s facial machine becoming more popular with customers at day spas who want extensive facials. The ultrasonic skin scrubber is also commonly used on patients who have undergone facelifts, ideal for clients who want deep cleaning, and full penetration of serums and moisturizers. 

Skin Scanner

Just looking at the mirror, we do not get many ideas about the skin problems faced by us. For the same reason, a special machine is needed. A skin scanner is often required to fully understand what’s happening to their skin. Used by most estheticians to conduct an initial examination of a person’s skin condition, a skin scanner relies on blacklight blue lamp technology to penetrate under the skin’s outer surface, exposing various conditions using fluorescent colors. By using this tool, aestheticians can detect conditions such as sun exposure below the skin’s surface, obstructed pores, poor circulation, dehydrated skin, and much more.

2. Beauty Beds

Beauty Beds form an essential part of the experience of beauty and spa. Buying premium beauty beds and beauty sofas that will keep you and your clients happy. Beauty beds provide a great way of relaxation and comfort to customers. As clients need support while receiving facial treatment, a comfortable and soft bed for facial massage is the crucial way to give their customers such feeling. The Beauty bed is also used for waxing. Most salon beds and couches are made from PVC or vinyl. This has the advantage that they are easy to clean. Some well-known brands for Beauty bed are Lotus, REM, Affinity, and many more. 

3. Hair Steamers

A hair steamer is an important device that adds moisture, restores vibrations in color, and improves hair elasticity. Another advantage of hair vaporizers is that humid heat encourages blood flow to the scalp.

4. Trolleys 

One of the most important furniture equipment is the Salon Trolley, which enables the hairstylist to have all the styling tools right next to them while attending a client. It allows the styling tools to be easily stored and portable and keeps you organized.

5. Beauty Salon Chair

This is the essential beauty salon furniture you’ll need for your hair salon. You will find a variety of hairstyling chairs that come in different shapes and colors.

Beauty Salon chairs are used for different activities of the salon. Some different types of salon chairs are –  

  • Styling chairs
  • Shampoo chairs
  • Dryer chairs
  • And many such chairs

6. Hair Stylist Tools 

To keep up with your customers’ numerous hairstyling demands, you’ll need the new hair styling equipment. Often check out some hair styling magazines to get an idea of the latest styling devices used in this business, but here’s a list of samples: 

  • Hair straightener
  • Hair curler
  • Plastic rolls / hot rollers
  • Detangling brush
  • Hair Sculpting tool
  • Hairdryer
  • Hair accessories
  • Professional scissors 

7. Electric Massage Beds 

A multifunctional treatment electric massage beds fitted with practical options including a stopping lever, foot levers, a roll holder, and rotating and interchangeable armrests. It can be moved comfortably from a chair to a treatment bed. Padding in 3 segments, easily adjustable using the three motors.


I hope this list of Salon equipment is useful and helpful. This is a step by step guide to open a salon with the required equipment. An aesthetician will give its best when he/she has the best salon equipment like a beauty salon chair, salon beds, etc. to assure the best services. 

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